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Duet 3 now shipping

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2019 3:23 am
by dc42
In case you missed it, we've started shipping Duet 3 main boards. The Duet 3 MB6HC has:
  • Six high current stepper motor drivers, good to about 6A peak/4A RMS
  • One high current output (intended for bed heater) and three medium current outputs (intended for hot end heaters)
  • Three 4-wire can outputs and three 2-wire fan outputs
  • Nine I/O connectors for endstops, filament monitors, Z probes etc.
  • Almost unlimited expansion via CAN bus. We'll be releasing a 3-driver/3 heater/6 fan/6 I/OI expansion board soon.
  • Dedicated SPI bus to Raspberry Pi or other single board computer, to provide user interface, file storage and network connectivity. Can also operate in standalone mode using built-in SD card and Ethernet port, like Duet 2.
All this makes it way overkill for a delta printer, unless it is a large one with e.g. Nema 34 motors that would otherwise require external drivers. So I'm not looking to sell you an upgrade for your SeeMeCNC delta! Which is just as well, because the first batch is sold out already. We'll be opening the pre-order for the next batch (shipping in November) at Initial documentation for Duet 3 is at