Filament Snapping EZRstruder

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Filament Snapping EZRstruder

Post by jstone3769 »

I have been having an issue recently where the filament breaks just above the gear in the ezrstruder on my MaxV3. I have tried different filament rolls and have the same issue with those.

It seems to happen occasionally during a print so that the plastic stops extruding and begins to print in the air and it happens often after a print is completed during cool-down so that for the next print I need to reload the filament.

Has anyone else seen anything like this?

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Re: Filament Snapping EZRstruder

Post by jmargush »

I just dealt with a spool that had fractures in the filament and would snap easily, but that doesn't seem to be your issue. Make sure you're storing your spools with a filament clip so the filament doesn't tangle itself, if it does your extruder will pull on it until it breaks off the spool. Also, make sure your spool can rotate freely so it doesn't put stress on the extruder but stiff enough do it doesn't unroll the filament. To better understand the problem, could you send pictures of the filament rolls you are using?

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Re: Filament Snapping EZRstruder

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I was surprised to find out how brittle PLA gets when it absorbs moisture. It would snap inside the bowden tube and jam. Couple hours in the oven, and all is back to normal.
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Re: Filament Snapping EZRstruder

Post by Jimustanguitar »

+1 for moisture.

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