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It looks like SeeMeCNC is planning a Paneldue option sometime. There is a punch-out in place for the wiring and a couple of pre-drilled mounting holes in the top plate.

I bought a Paneldue 7i and used a slight mod of this case to install it.
The mod is 1. Shorten the mounting arm by 20mm. 2. Offset the mounting bracked when printing to cut off the 90 degree angle part.
I used one of the pre-drilled mounting holes (enlarged to 5mm) and drilled one more to mount it to the top section.

It's really nice to have the color touch-screen on the printer. I mostly like it for the temperatures and completion estimates.

I printed the case in PETG which I don't really have a handle on yet (my first try using it) so it's a bit rough. I printed the mounting parts in ABS which worked great.

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Re: Paneldue

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I have wondered if I wanted to bother getting one of those. I think I'm settled on controlling it from my phone through wifi, but I may swing back to wanting a control display :D

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