Duet Tuning.

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Re: Duet Tuning.

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ON an interim basis, I am going to move my rostock max v2 over to Duet;

I want to make sure that the connections to power, hot end, and bed have Ferrules
This seems to me to be a major safety feature.

-I tested a crimp with my wire stripper, the crimp is functional, but I am not quite happy with the result
is there a relatively cheap tool that would provide a better result?
-Is there also a ferrule assortment that is of relatively good quality and covers a range of gauges
not happy with the chinese ebay offerings
-I can find a chart I am sure but size per gauge?

I am going to use pigtails on the wires similar to Hackney.

I am not going to use bed leveling I will set the height from the nozzle bottom to the center of the bed and then tune via set screws. Alternately is there a way to adjust in software; to differentiate the height of the towers.
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Re: Duet Tuning.

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[url]https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00SMIRK ... em_1p_0_ti[/url] and
[url]https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HPRYI ... em_1p_0_ti[/url]

for ferrules and crimpers.
IIRC, they come with a paper insert that says what gauges each one goes with, but the general rule of thumb is to use the smallest one the wire fits into. Ferrules direct has some nicer options if you feel like spending some more. I like those amazon ones because I can use them for color coding controls wiring in industrial equipment, blue for output, green for input, red for safety and AC.

I also added an older version of my config file for you, since you'd asked for one. You're more likely going to get good results going to the rep-rap configurator
(3.32 KiB) Downloaded 69 times
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Re: Duet Tuning.

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Thanks X just looking at it.. it looks like M666 can replace the set screws

I don't want to run another cable to a sensor. My "mistake" in the Artemis build was not to run spare wires - next time I have it apart I may run some GTE 2 pair https://www.ebay.com/itm/GTE-Telephone-Stati ... 1526067576

I will print a 10mm cube; "level" to the cube at center and then move the effector around to test points - and then adjust M666 as needed.
Endstops at high would be another needed change
I see you have your extruder current set low

Great name for your printer btw Hephaestus I was lol! its great..

~~just looking at the new ultimaker.. looks like duet features may have jump skipped them.
My board is coming in from the UK which some other extruder related stuff -- so I have some time to build cables.

M666: Set delta endstop adjustment

Xnnn X axis endstop adjustment
Ynnn Y axis endstop adjustment
Znnn Z axis endstop adjustment
Annn X bed tilt in percent1
Bnnn Y bed tilt in percent1

M666 X-0.1 Y+0.2 Z0
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