Filament Give-Away - EU Edition!

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Filament Give-Away - EU Edition!

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Filament give-away EU Edition!

I'm going to give away a free spool of Filamentum PLA or PETG filament! (Winners choice of type and color, standard PLA or PETG only)

One free spool of filament, for whoever comes up with the lowest BOM for a RailCore 300 ZL with parts available in the EU. VAT, taxes, and shipping not included.

Here are the rules:
1) You must be a member of the RailCore Printers Owners and Builders Facebook Group
2) You must use the RailCore 300ZL BOM linked here as a source: ... sp=sharing
3) All prices must be in Euros and must include a link to the website for verification. You do NOT need to include shipping.
4) The controller must remain a Duet
5) The parts must essentially remain the same. Like items can be substituted, but you can't modify the functionality. (So you can switch the extrusion from Misumi 1515 to Bob's cheap extrusion emporium, and self-cut it, but it has to stay 1515, you can't use something else in its place). You can source the linear rails where-ever, but they must remain MGN12, you can't switch to MGN9, etc.
6) It must be a complete BOM - though for now, side panels and aluminum bed can be excluded, since availability in the EU for custom custom cut parts is unknown

To enter, private message me a link to your BOM entry (Don't post it publicly, or others can just copy it and lowball you one item!)

I'll announce the winner on Friday, April 13th.

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