Filament run out monitor

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Filament run out monitor

Post by firebass08 »

I'm considering a filament check.
What would y'all recommend or use for a filament check?

The duet monitor or just a switch or other? ... netVersion

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Re: Filament run out monitor

Post by kraegar »

I'm waiting to test out the new duet monitor when it's available (or they send me one).

I've not ever actually used a filament monitor to be able to recommend anything specific, though.

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Re: Filament run out monitor

Post by Xenocrates »

It depends on your use case and failure modes. If slipping is a problem for you, a filament monitor can help a lot. Same with jamming.

A simple switch only detects breaks, and running out of filament. Now, for say, a college using cuts off of spools, a switch handles most failure modes I've seen (as the students mostly don't get to print with a full spool, nor for longer than a few hours, so anything lost isn't that bad, but being able to use the whole off-cut is much better for our budget).

For longer prints, or ones with more expensive filaments, a filament monitor is much better, because it will pause it if it jams (More likely with the filled filaments, too), or slips (if say, the drive gears are loading up).
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