Post upgrade reports?

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Post upgrade reports?

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Any post upgrade reports on the 3.2 update? I just unboxed my v3 after the move, and am trying to find a spot for it. As I refamiliarize myself with the challenges and joys of 3d printing I am considering throwing a few upgrades at it. How does the 3.2 update compare to some of the other options?

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Re: Post upgrade reports?

Post by Iamarobot »

There's a bit of a thread in the V3 section, but what I've found so far is MUCH quieter printing thanks to the Duet, better printing overall with more control, and faster startup. Having the ability to adjust the first layer nozzle height on the fly with the Duet web interface is great - no need to restart a print if the Z-height is off. I think the new part cooling fans are an improvement, though I've only printed a few overhangs and super thin sections so far with the V3.2. My bridging and support are definitely better with the 3.2 than the 3.0. The latest version of Cura seems to work very well, as well.

The only recurrent issue I've had is that the auto calibration keeps putting Z too high so I have to adjust Z-height on the first layer, but that may be due to the PEI surface I have on my printbed. After we get through this hurricane I'll do some printing on a glass bed with no PEI to see if that makes a difference.
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