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Updateing computer hardware - GPU "needs"

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 4:44 pm
by RegB
A bit of a tangent, but with fused deposition (AKA 3D printing) comes 3D modelling and once the novelty of printing Yoda heads and sketching up simple geometric forms wears off ...its time to start "Meshing around".

Creating 3D models from a stacks of photos (photogrammetry or somesuch name) is compute intensive and (here's the point) mesh programs utilize the GPU.
Meshlab's latest version seems to NEED MORE than the usual embedded Intel set, so an INVIDIA is suggested/recommended.
Current top of the line for laptops is the 1080 with 8 Gig of video RAM, there is a 2080 series for desktops.

If you get a laptop with both intel and nvidia go into the control panel and set the nvidia as preferred.