Anybody using Astroprint?

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Anybody using Astroprint?

Post by Jimustanguitar » ... nd-pcDuino

Recent discussions about Octoprint running poorly made me wonder about Astroprint. It sounds like a few members are talking about it in these two threads, but I thought it deserved its own discussion.

Has anyone run both images and compared the processor loads? I know Brian and a few guys from The MakerHive were playing around with it, but I don't know if anyone has compared the performance in a scientific way yet.

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Re: Anybody using Astroprint?

Post by jjjohnson »

I have been running AstroPrint here recently on a Raspberry Pi 2 board and have been very pleased with the performance compared to what I had with the Raspberry Pi 1 board that I used a couple years ago... (Sorry I don't have any data on processing)

Instead of using the cloud slicing, I am still doing my slicing in MatterControl with MatterSlice as I like have my slice settings exactly where I like them. Slicing and uploading the GCODE is a breeze though so I don't mind.

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Re: Anybody using Astroprint?

Post by mhackney »

Seriously, take a look at Duet with RepRapPro firmware (dc42 branch). The delta auto calibration is excellent, it calculates every point of movement, no line segments and the built in web interface is most excellent. You get all this on a single board that you can connect to via USB or ethernet and with a $18 wifi bridge, you can have your printer on wifi. It really doesn't get any nicer or simpler in my experience.

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