Screen will not display

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Screen will not display

Post by jmviehmann »

Hi all I am new here I just purchased a used Rostock Max V2! Unfortunately I have been having some issues with the screen.

Shortly after buying it the screen stopped displaying.

I replaced both fuses on the board and it work for about an hour until it stopped during calibration...

I replaced the top fuse again (labeled F3) and the screen turned on for a brief moment before going dark again...

Nothing seems to happen when I replace the other fuse

Additionally there is a light labeled R on the left of the board the continues to flash even when the printer is unplugged.

Any help is appreciated thank you!
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Re: Screen will not display

Post by geneb »

The F3 fuse controls the extruder heater & fan outputs, F2 controls the electronics. Due to the board design, they can't be tested while installed - you'll get a good result if the fuse is blown. (info about the fuses can be found here: )

Since you mentioned that the first time it stopped was during calibration, there might be a wiring short on the effector platform. Check to make sure there's no bare wires touching anything, including the hot end. If the short isn't obvious, I would try labeling and then disconnecting the fan and thermistor wires from the RAMBo board and then see if the board works again after the fuse has been replaced. If it works, the short is either in the thermistor or fan. :) Testing the thermistor with a multimeter should read approximately 100K at room temperature - it shouldn't read as a dead short. The fan should read something less than a dead short if it's ok.

You can also try reseating the cabling for the screen if the fuses are ok and you can't find a short. If there is no short and you can communicate with the printer via USB, the screen may have died on you.

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