100k NTC Thermistor 3950

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100k NTC Thermistor 3950

Post by klarson18 »

I am installing an E3D v6 hotend with the 100k NTC 3950 thermistor. Where do I change the info in the firmware? Is the Rostock Max V2 firmware already set up for this? Also, If i change the hotend thermistor, does it have to match the bed thermistor?

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Re: 100k NTC Thermistor 3950

Post by lewis1914 »

I did this today.

I thought that the thermistor was a ATC Semitec 104-GT2. I HOPE I AM WRONG -- SEE BELOW.

The file to edit is configuration.h

You need to find the line that starts with "#define EXT0_TEMPSENSOR_TYPE" and set the value to 8. (Or the actual type of the thermistor from the table)

You also probably want to change the following three lines:

#define MAXTEMP 290

These are probably safe values, I just don't know if they are good values.

The last line to modify is:


The hot end and the bed can use different thermistors. There is no need to touch the bed.

I'm not sure that my thermistor is working correctly. I had to change the firmware settings to allow me to print at 320 degrees in order to get any kind of acceptable extrusion of natural ABS with this hot end. The layer adhesion is still not very good. This is roughly 100 degrees higher than I think I should be.

Anybody have any ideas what I should look at?

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Re: 100k NTC Thermistor 3950

Post by buggy »

This was the guide i followed when i installed mine. Works like a charm!

http://matterhackers.dozuki.com/Guide/H ... +MAX+V2/25

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