e3d v6 problems

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e3d v6 problems

Post by marti »

So I want to upgrade my v3 to a e3d v6 but when i try to turn on the printer I get this screen indefinitely. help please
i have included pictures of my wiring and the screen.

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Re: e3d v6 problems

Post by DeltaCon »

I have seen this multiple times when I was still using the Rambo. I never caught the source of the problem though, it always went away after rebooting again. Did you also do something with the firmware?
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Re: e3d v6 problems

Post by 626Pilot »

Unless you changed your firmware at the same time, I don't know why it would do that unless it was getting a bad sensor reading and halting on that account. Does anything show up in the console when you connect over serial?

Shut off the printer and unplug the hot end heater and thermistor connectors from the controller. Test them with your multimeter. The thermistor should read somewhere around 100K. The heater should read something far less. 40 ohms? 10 ohms? Something like that. If your thermistor is reading tens of ohms, and your heater is reading tens of thousands of ohms, something got reversed. If you're getting infinity ohms, you got them cross-connected. If you're getting zero ohms, you have a short.

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Re: e3d v6 problems

Post by Jimustanguitar »

Check the accelerometer mounting hardware to make sure that you're not shorting anything on the board.

What happens if you plug your HE280 back in?

Is the wiring harness between the machine and the hotend new? If so, make sure that your thermistor wiring is right. The circuitry on the accel board pulls its ground through the thermistor connector, and it only works one way.

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