Filament feeding slows down/stop mid print then resumes

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Filament feeding slows down/stop mid print then resumes

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I am using an Artemis 300.
So I think the gear that feeds the filament up through bowden tube is slipping about 1/3 way into the print, the print will finish so the filament must start getting fed in after a few minutes but the print is not really usable.
I know some printers you can adjust the tension on that gear, I don't see a way to tighten it a little. What would cause the filament feeding to slow down part way into a print and then resume ok for the rest?
Should I take that piece and take it apart and clean it ? Could it be filament shavings in it that causes it to slip on the filament going in?
More pictures attached.
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Re: Filament feeding slows down/stop mid print then resumes

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That's what is called "filament starvation". That typically happens when the extruder skips. Skipping happens if you're printing too fast for the extrusion temperature. What speed/temp/material are you running?

If you've got crud in the gear teeth and you're not running crap filament, you may be running the hot end too cold. If the extruder is grinding the filament, that means there's either a restriction in the path to the hot end, the hot end, or you're too cold for the print speed you're running (or simply too cold period.)

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