Printing way off-center

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Printing way off-center

Post by Bender »

So I am a total newb to all of this.
I built the Rostock Max v3 kit.

I am at the printing test cube phase of my journey.
However, everytime, when I go to print, the extruder will come down, perfectly center, then as soon as it is about to print in the center, it will veer off to the far extremity of the build radius and build something that is half outside the build space, so it is cut in half so to speak.

I have done a ton of G29 calibrations.
Do I need to adjust the eeprom? reflash the eeprom? What say the hive?
Thank you in advance
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Re: Printing way off-center

Post by Mac The Knife »

This test cube, is it a file provided by SeeMeCNC, or one that you created? If it is one that you created, it sounds like the slicer programs settings are wrong.
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Re: Printing way off-center

Post by geneb »

Even if SeeMeCNC provided the file, it would still need to be sliced. The issue screams of "mis-configured slicer".

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