Mach3 Documentation

Here's where you can find the official (and unofficial too) things like assembly instructions etc...
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Mach3 Documentation

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For those of us using Mach3 to control our H-1s (one of the nice features) here is a link to the official Mach3Mill Install and Config Guide. If you are new to Mach, you really need to work your way through this manual.

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Re: Mach3 Documentation

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H-1 General overview of getting from part to print:

1. Draw model in cad software, like autodesk 123D or Google Sketchup
2. Export STL file from CAD software.
3. Use Slic3r program to generate gcode from STL file. In slic3r, you'll find it easier to begin with settings found in our official docs section on the forum. There's also configuration settings for Mach.
4. Copy gcode file to the pc you're using to control the H-1
5. On the control PC (hooked to the H-1), start Mach3 CNC software and turn on power to H-1. Use the Mach Loader to start Mach with settings downloaded from our forum.
6. Zero x y and z by jogging the H-1 to the center top of the table (build platform) and clicking "zero" on screen of the digital read out (DRO).
7. In Mach, Open that Gcode file generated by Slic3r.
8. Click cycle start.
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