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Here's where you can find the official (and unofficial too) things like assembly instructions etc...
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How To Instructions

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new to this forum, I am going to be purchasing a Rostock Max soon and I am looking for how to instructions on how to Install an E3D V6 Hotend. I am ale interested in other how to mods.

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Re: How To Instructions

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There's not a specific rostock max/e3d install guide as far as I know.

There's a good set of instructions on assembly of the e3d on the e3d-online website, then you'll just need to download and print a suitable mount for your rostock.

This is a good one, and it included a new layer fan shroud since the e3d's height can cause issues with the stock on that you print.

For other mods, check around the mods section of this forum, there's a ton of great tweaks that people have done!

Hope that helps!
I loved my Rostock so much I now sell them in Oz :)

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Re: How To Instructions

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Having just gone through this exercise:

1. Build it with the SeeMeCNC hot end, just don't bother stuffing around with connectors and stuff - you only have to do one print. This will let you print the mounting bracket for the e3d AND it will ensure your appreciation for just how much nicer the e3d is.
2. Print that mounting bracket.
3. Follow the e3d-online instructions for building up the hot end.
4. Remove the SeeMe hot end. Don't go throwing it out or setting fire to it or anything like that though. Put it somewhere safe.
5. Install the E3d with your shiny new bracket on the effector platform of your printer.
6. Enjoy printing Nylon, or ABS etc with faster heat times, less swearing, no crappy permatex all over the place, a tidy cable and hot end set up and general smugness about an excellent bit of kit.
7. Try and print PLA. I dare ya.
8. Pull out the E3D, replace the SeeMe, get decent PLA prints.
9. Rinse and repeat from 4.

Nah, only kidding. Unless you're printing lost investment plugs you'll spend five minutes with PLA and give up on it for life - enjoy the E3D!

* I'm not really slamming the SeeMe hot end. Really. I have an older one, it did a fine job at an amazing price point with lower temp plastics. But, since I've upgraded to the E3D hot end, I've appreciated something that really is a step up in all sorts of ways.

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