Possible error in photograph

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Possible error in photograph

Post by Eaglezsoar »

Gene, I was looking at the latest V2 manual,

Assembly Guide for the Rostock MAX v2.0 3D printer.
Version 4.14, December 29th, 2015

Fig. 18.1-3: Installing the LCD panel.

The above figure shows the LCD cables and one is plugged in with the red to the right which is correct and
the other is plugged in so that the red is connected to the left. My old eyes could be wrong but if I am correct
this could cause confusion and a non working LCD. All the photos previous to this one appear to be correct so
I could be picking nits.
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Re: Possible error in photograph

Post by geneb »

Good eye, Eagle. I'll take a look at my machine this week and see if I derped it and need to re-shoot that photo.


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