HE 280 acceleromteter failed?

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HE 280 acceleromteter failed?

Post by dgriff »

Wondering if my accelerometer might've got zapped with a static discharge and cooked (unfortunately our house gets quite dry in the winter and static is a major issue). Suddenly getting errors in the console:

09:35:34.323 : iis2dh accelerometer initializing...
09:35:34.340 : accelerometer i2c recv failed.

And if I try a calibration, it smacks the extruder into the build glass reasonably hard (gouged a chip out in one corner, fortunately could rotate the glass out of the way).

Any options to diagnose, or just need to replace? Did try re-seating the cable and no-dice. Guess I could just re-order the board and try swapping it (and some new glass too).
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Re: HE 280 acceleromteter failed?

Post by geneb »

You might want to ping [email protected] and see what they have to suggest. It's been too long since I've worked with an HE280 to much help, sorry!

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