Parts availability in Europe

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Parts availability in Europe

Post by DeltaCon »

Is someone selling spareparts for our printers somewhere in Europe (pref. The Netherlands). I see that if I order a glass bed, shipping costs more that the item itself...
I am in need of a layer fan, can seem to find that sideways blowing thingy locally.
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Re: Parts availability in Europe

Post by teoman »

I have the same problem, usually i have to revert to ordering cheaper ones (probably lesser quality aswell) from aliexpress. Shipping is free (subsidized by the chinese govt.).
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Re: Parts availability in Europe

Post by Atticblur »

Yeah, I was wonder about that as well.
And I found a guy in the Netherlands on 3D hubs who claim in his specialities this 'Rostock max V2 selling & assembling'
I have never contacted him but it might be worth a shot." onclick=";return false;

Good luck.
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