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Joining two spools to continue printing

Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2015 8:52 pm
by Josshe
Hello all,

I was wondering if any know of a way to join the end of one spool to the beginning of another spool of filament.
I don't have a failed print or filament reclaimer yet(please let me know where I may purchase a working reliable reclaimer) and i really don't like having a bunch of spools of filament with to little left on the spool to finish a print in progress.
Been extruding my own filament with great success but don't want to waste the partial amount left at the near end of the spool.

When I first purchased my RMax last year and did not know better, I was in the middle of a medium build print and noticed that the remaining filament would not be enough to finish the print so I reeled off the 10ft left and grabbed a new spool of filament and used a fire place lighter to melt both end and press them together and they actually melted together quite well! I then used a dremel sanding tool to sand back to near proper size.

It worked flawlessly and this was before i was extruding my own filament.
Recently i've been trying to perform the same feat for the same reasons and no matter how I try, I can't seem to get the to ends to bond together well enough to not break apart at a crucial moment.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I'm still desperately looking for a reclaimer that actually works using electrical motor power.

Thank you in advance for any helpful reply(s).... :( ;) :D

Re: Joining two spools to continue printing

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 12:48 am
by Jimustanguitar
RichRap has got you covered.

Re: Joining two spools to continue printing

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 1:07 am
by Josshe

I found from that link another one as well!
Thank you!