ERIS Early adopter feedback

The ERIS Delta, a truly affordable entry into Delta 3D Printing
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Re: ERIS Early adopter feedback

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Mac The Knife wrote:After noticing a dead air space between the liner and the heatsink, I perforated the heat sink to allow some airflow through to keep the liner cool. It probably wouldn't need as much as I did.
Not sure how you did that. Can you elaborate? Also: has anyone found a way to increase the air flow across the part outside of using an external fan?
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Re: ERIS Early adopter feedback

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By taking it apart, and also checking out the solid model files. At low temperatures it isn't much of a problem, but I was printing PetG at 260c, and duriing retractions, the teflon was soft enough to allow the petg to form a plug between the heat break, and the teflon. After milling slots in between every other fin, I no longer had that problem.
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Re: ERIS Early adopter feedback

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Following up on [url= ... 375#p93281]Jetguy's recommendation[/url] to swap motors:

Using this repo:
And these motors:

The Configuration.h uploaded a page back is out of date with the repo on GitHub (won't compile), so I had to port over some settings to the Configuration.h on the repo. I also found that with the new motors, I had to invert the X/Y/Z axis directions. (Just going by the colors of wires on the steppers and plugging them in the same color-order as the old steppers.) My Configuration.h that works with the Eris is attached:
(32.08 KiB) Downloaded 53 times
I don't know if the motors sound any different, but the calibration works now. It isn't perfect - the filament is a little bit squished in one place - but it's nowhere near how bad it was before. I don't have to use a gigantic 1st layer height ("bed roughness" in KISSlicer) anymore.
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Re: ERIS Early adopter feedback

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I think I'm too late to be considered an early adopter, but I did get an Eris up and modified this weekend.


Raspberry pi/Delta Calibration Plugin: Covered in awesome sauce. G28, G29, load eeprom, run calibration, DONE! I can't believe a delta cal has been reduced to something so easy. It used to take me hours to get my Max V2 calibrated for the larger prints.

Raspberry pi power: I stole 5VDC from the LED back lit face plate and re-purposed a 4 pin molex from my Max V3 build and put it on the GPIO pin of the pi. I wound up routing the wire around the USB jack.

Spooler: Hate it, hate it, hate it. It winds up fighting the extruder on multiple retraction prints, and is sketchy overall. I wound up redesigning it ( altogether and extending the PTFE tube with another PTFE tube to the top of the machine. Now it is smooth as silk, and I have some real estate for a filament cleaner/oiler. The spool now sits firmly on top of the machine where it belongs.

Print quality overall: Outstanding for the price range. The sample blue is OK, but when I put some of my MHPro on there all of the surface issues I was chasing cleared up. It's actually printing pretty close to the quality of one of my Rostocks.
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