October 2014 Contest ! ! !

We'll be posting our SeeMeCNC contests here, anyone can enter!
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Re: October 2014 Contest ! ! !

Post by geneb »

Casper the Friendly Rostock strikes again!

I'm glad you're having such a good time with the machine.

For those that aren't aware, Casper the Friendly Rostock was the machine I built as part of the process of writing the v2 assembly manual.

I knew the spider was good when my first instinct was to reach for a hammer. :)


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Re: October 2014 Contest ! ! !

Post by critical_limit »

geneb wrote:...

I knew the spider was good when my first instinct was to reach for a hammer. :)


My first instinct to reach a hammer is when I see a cartesian printer..... :D

The Spider is amazing
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Re: October 2014 Contest ! ! !

Post by Jassper »

WOW thanks guys!
Awesome first place spider too!
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Re: October 2014 Contest ! ! !

Post by ewm »

Thanks everyone!

Gene, I'm so glad we met you at the expo. Casper has been an excellent printer to work with, quite friendly indeed!

Glad to hear my spider makes you want to reach for a hammer.. means the scary level is just right hehe. It makes me wonder if I can set it around the house to scare away all the darn house spiders. We've been getting some rather big ones as of late. Wishful thinking.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. :)
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Re: October 2014 Contest ! ! !

Post by nitewatchman »

When we first moved to Birmingham I was cleaning out the basement and notice a quick movement in the debris. Looking quickly I saw and registered a scorpion. I knew this was ridiculous since everyone knows there are no scorpions in Alabama. Looking further there it was, a scorpion about 1-1/2" long.

In an unreasonable panic I called the exterminator who came out and told me that there was nothing he could use to treat for scorpions but had I noticed there were no spiders. Thinking about that I realized there were no house spiders. He told me then that the scorpions ate the spiders and that was the upside of the scorpion problem.

As he left he added that if I were to get mice they would take care of the scorpions after the scorpions had eaten the spiders. Then he could come back and do something about the mice.

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Re: October 2014 Contest ! ! !

Post by HesDeadJim »

johnoly99 wrote:THATS A WRAP! Nylocke, man you just missed it! We just voted and posted the winners to our blog. Go check it out guys at http://seemecnc.com/blogs/frontpagenews ... nt-contest" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

1st place EWM for the 3d printed spider. GREAT job on designing and printing your own designs, and way to go getting good so fast too!
2nd place Jassper for the checkers set. Man if I coudl find more time I'd print one for the shop.
3rd place goes to HesDeadJim for the really cool Maleficent horns.

Congrats to everyone who entered, and you already know you're all winners in our book anyways. Keep those printers warmed up, we're gonna announce next months contest here shortly. Thanksgiving is coming soon, but turkeys are too boring, so we're thinking best character themed turkey, or turduken, or ???? We'll have some fun with it for sure. What would you guys like to see as next months prize? We are now shipping the DropLit kits, so maybe jimMustang was onto something. Maybe first place gets a DropLit DIY Kit?

Thanks again guys, and awesome work. For the winners, make sure you have an account on our store, and then email me ([email protected]) with your email you use on your account and i'll get the prizes sent out asap
Wow! That spider would scare the crap out of anyone and I love the checker set! Thanks for the votes and the words of appreciation for the Maleficent horns! I had a blast making them and it just goes to show what you can accomplish with some imagination and an AWESOME 3D printer to bring those ideas to life. Feeling humbled and proud at the same time. Hope everyone had a Happy Halloweeen!
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