Max V2+ conversion to v3.2 or v4 - worth it? Options?

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Max V2+ conversion to v3.2 or v4 - worth it? Options?

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Opinions please.

I've got a ~2015 v2 that has been modifued with a HE280, DIN power supply, and other various tweaks. It's got great bones, but it seems to have started losing print quality.

Now, due to a print mishap, the thermal fuse was blown in the original HE280. After taking it apart to bridge that per Seemecnc advice, I seem to have killed the hot end somehow, I think while de/resoldering a broken thermistor. My fingers/eyes don't work as well as they used to /-:

So I'm looking at a $100+ repair service at least for the HE280, trying an upgrade to the SE300 setup $$, or just biting the bullet on a new machine $$$$.

I've got the dexterity to solder wires and do what was required for the HE280 upgrade. I just don't know if it's worth it tp get back to mediocre prints to debug further.

Advice? Opinions on the latest machines?

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