I need help

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Dexter Carhart
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I need help

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Hello everyone. I own an Artemis 300. About a month ago I began to have issues with my hotend. It then stopped working altogether. I was told by someone that it was most likely an issue with the duet board. I proceeded to order a new one and I disconnected the old one. It was only after doing this that I realized that I am in over my head. I don't know enough about electronics to get the new duet board hooked up. I looked at the layout of the duetboard on the seemecnc website, but there are no indications of what wires go into the named sections. Nor are there any indications on the wires. I am wondering if I am able to send my Artemis back to seemecnc for maintenance, or if there is anywhere else that I can send it to get fixed. Please let me know. I need help and I am not able to figure it out on my own.
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Re: I need help

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I would email support.

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