3 axis board dip switches

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3 axis board dip switches

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Hello and thanks for your time! I have an H1 complete kit and I'm not sure about the DIP switches on the 3 axis board. What is the proper configuration for these? As it arrived, I have a loud and weak Z axis (will not move and makes tons of noise as if fighting itself) when commanded to move. I was having an issue with my parallel port on the first computer I tried to use for this printer and all axis motors were buzzing loudly and the extruder motor was dead. After changing desktops, I found this issue and it led me to wonder about the dips.
Help is appreciated! Thanx again!
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Re: 3 axis board dip switches

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Please pm me yr email address so I can send you the draft of the electronics manual, it has all of this stuff in it for the stock configuration like you are looking for!


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Re: 3 axis board dip switches

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Here's the dip switch settings commonly used:
(it would sure help if I uploaded the correct file..)
Dip Switch Settings
Dip Switch Settings
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