Looking for Workshop Presentations

This forum is for getting started with SeeMeEducate and how to get involved in the community based education of 3D printing
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Looking for Workshop Presentations

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On my way to Vietnam on Monday to build a Max, demo an Orion, help build curriculum, and conduct a 3D printing workshop. I'm still in the development process for the workshop but will have enough time to complete it.

I believe copying previous successes is good. Have any of you conducted a three hour workshop? I've been so focused on a larger course (for kids under 15) that I don't have anything for a 3-hour cruise.

(Oh, and in other developments, things are good, just very very busy. I promised a new base design, scrapped it, and am doing another. LOL)
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Re: Looking for Workshop Presentations

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That sounds like an amazing project! Make sure to keep us up to date.
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