Infill Sample Display

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Infill Sample Display

Post by jjjohnson »

I wanted to communicate to my students, the different pattern and density configurations that are available for users in Slic3r. So I came up with the idea for Slic3r has 7 different infill pattern style options and densities range from 0 - 100% (0-1) So in order to communicate this information visually, the idea for an infill display was born. Print as many base pieces separately as you want to fill and they each connect nicely to each other, one on top of the other. Top the assembly with the "Top" piece to complete the assembly, then print the sample discs and fill your tree.

[img] ... 87f4d2.jpg[/img]
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Re: Infill Sample Display

Post by bvandiepenbos »

What a great idea!
nice work.
~*Brian V.

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Re: Infill Sample Display

Post by Eaglezsoar »

Excellent idea and it just plain looks cool!
Very good method of teaching, nothing works better than something they can see rather than read about.
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Re: Infill Sample Display

Post by neurascenic »

Infill Tree
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